Sends to message, but in a structured way so that a data.frame-like can be cleanly sent to messaging.

This will only show a message if the value of verbose is greater than the verboseLevel. This is mostly useful for developers of code who want to give users of their code easy access to how verbose their code will be. A developer of a function will place this messageVerbose internally, setting the verboseLevel according to how advanced they may want the message to be. 1 is a reasonable default for standard use, 0 would be for "a very important message for all users", 2 or above would be increasing levels of details for e.g., advanced use. If a user sets to -1 with this numeric approach, they can avoid all messaging.

messageDF(df, round, verbose = getOption("Require.verbose"), verboseLevel = 1)

messageVerbose(..., verbose = getOption("Require.verbose"), verboseLevel = 1)

  pre = "",
  post = "",
  verbose = getOption("Require.verbose"),
  verboseLevel = 1,
  counter = 1,
  total = 1,
  minCounter = 1



A data.frame, data.table, matrix


An optional numeric to pass to round


Numeric or logical indicating how verbose should the function be. If -1 or -2, then as little verbosity as possible. If 0 or FALSE, then minimal outputs; if 1 or TRUE, more outputs; 2 even more. NOTE: in Require function, when verbose >= 2, the return object will have an attribute: attr(.., "Require") which has lots of information about the processes of the installs.


A numeric indicating what verbose threshold (level) above which this message will show.


Passed to install.packages. Good candidates are e.g., type or dependencies. This can be used with install_githubArgs or install.packageArgs which give individual options for those 2 internal function calls.


A single text string to paste before the counter


A single text string to paste after the counter


An integer indicating which iteration is being done


An integer indicating the total number to be done.


An integer indicating the minimum (i.e,. starting value)


Used for side effects, namely messaging that can be turned on or off with different numeric values of verboseLevel. A user sets the verboseLevel for a particular message.