Equivalent to utils::download.file, but taking the GITHUB_PAT environment variable and using it to access the Github url.

  need = "HEAD",
  verbose = getOption("Require.verbose"),
  verboseLevel = 2



a character string (or longer vector for the "libcurl" method) naming the URL of a resource to be downloaded.


a character string (or vector, see the url argument) with the file path where the downloaded file is to be saved. Tilde-expansion is performed.


If specified, user can suggest which master or main or HEAD to try first. If unspecified, HEAD is used.


Numeric or logical indicating how verbose should the function be. If -1 or -2, then as little verbosity as possible. If 0 or FALSE, then minimal outputs; if 1 or TRUE, more outputs; 2 even more. NOTE: in Require function, when verbose >= 2, the return object will have an attribute: attr(.., "Require") which has lots of information about the processes of the installs.


A numeric indicating what verbose threshold (level) above which this message will show.


This is called for its side effect, namely, the same as utils::download.file, but using a GITHUB_PAT, it if is in the environment, and trying both master and main if the actual url specifies either master or main and it does not exist.