A series of helpers to access and deal with GitHub packages

DESCRIPTIONFileVersionV(file, purge = getOption("Require.purge", FALSE))

DESCRIPTIONFileOtherV(file, other = "RemoteSha")

getGitHubDESCRIPTION(pkg, purge = getOption("Require.purge", FALSE))



A file path to a DESCRIPTION file


Logical. Should all caches be purged Default is getOption("Require.purge", FALSE). There is a lot of internal caching of results throughout the Require package. These help with speed and reduce calls to internet sources. However, sometimes these caches must be purged. The cached values are renewed when found to be too old, with the age limit. This maximum age can be set in seconds with the environment variable R_AVAILABLE_PACKAGES_CACHE_CONTROL_MAX_AGE, or if unset, defaults to 3600 (one hour -- see available.packages).

Internally, there are calls to available.packages


Any other keyword in a DESCRIPTION file that preceeds a ":". The rest of the line will be retrieved.


A character string with a GitHub package specification (c.f. remotes)


getGitHubDESCRIPTION retrieves the DESCRIPTION file from GitHub.com